Tent Expo Soapbox Derby

Enter for your chance to WIN PRIZES,
but most importantly—bragging rights!

Gather your team and build your car—points for creativity.

Derby to begin following the Welcome Reception on Jan. 10 and will conclude during the Party on the Pad, Jan. 11

TO ENTER: Your teams can either be an exhibiting company or rental company in attendance.

JUDGING: All teams will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Best in Show (best looking/most creative)
  • Fastest Time (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)
  • Better Luck Next Time (biggest loser)

Register Your Team Here

Soapbox Derby Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • T-shirt Sponsor – includes your company logo on event t-shirt | $50
  • Track Sponsor – includes your company logo on individual track banner/sign | $100

To purchase, either sign up your team at the link above or contact Jill Newman at jill.newman@textiles.org.

View Guidelines and Rules below or view downloadable PDF here.


All teams must have a pre-race inspection by the judges, weight check and safety check.  Judges may disqualify any team if safety or build guidelines are not met.

  1. Driver must have proper D.O.T. full face motorcycle approved helmet.
  2. Car must have a manual brake system and steering.
  3. All cars must be gravity powered only.  No propulsion system or aid.
  4. Start line will be a raised platform with ramp.
  5. Course will have at least one curve.
  6. Car must be built to guidelines provided (see below).
  7. All drivers must be at least 18 years old.
  8. No lubricants or grease on wheels (only axle).
  9. Driver may be substituted but car and driver must remain under the weight limit.
  10. All drivers must complete waiver prior to race.
  11. Drivers must sit with feet forward and facing front of the car.
  12. Cars must be designed so that driver can exit the car quickly.
  13. All cars must have a number and company logo, that is submitted ahead of time.
  14. All cars will be displayed (uncovered) in a viewing area onsite, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 10 am.
  15. Race will be limited to 24 Teams.
  16. Must be signed up by Friday, Dec. 22.
  17. Some rules are subject to change and will be announced in advance.


  1. Car must consist of 4 wheels attached to a chassis or frame.
  2. Cars must be gravity powered.
  3. Shell body of car must be anchored to the frame or chassis.
  4. Car must have working brake system and steering.
  5. Foam or padding must be attached to the front of the cockpit area to protect driver
  6. Wheels must be within 12” to 20” diameter rims and no larger than 2” wide overall
  7. Shell of car may not interfere with the steering or braking system
  8. Driver must be able to exit the car quickly.
  9. Car must be no wider than 36”, no longer than 90” and not taller than 48” at any point off the ground.
  10. Car must have at least 6” of ground clearance but not more than 12”
  11. Driver can be replaced but no changes to the car can be made.
  12. Car and driver must weigh in 400lbs or less.
  13. No Glass may be used in the build.
  14. Car must have solid nose to rest on the start line drop gate.
  15. Car chassis can be metal, wood or composite material.
  16. Car body/shell can be metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass or fabric on a frame.
  17. All cars must have a number and company logo, that is submitted ahead of time.


  1. Car must be rolled up ramp without driver.
  2. Nose of car will rest on drop gate prior to start.
  3. Upon start whistle drop gate will be lowered to release car down ramp.
  4. Car must have at least 2 wheels on ground at all times.
  5. Alcohol free driver.
  6. No cell phone use while driving.
  7. No foul play!! No intentional bumping of other cars.
  8. Both driver and alternate driver must attend a ‘drivers meeting’ prior to race.
  9. Drivers will be allowed up to 2 practice runs prior to race start (or at specified times).
  10. Heats of two, best time advances, top 4 cars move to the finals.
  11. Judges’ decisions are FINAL.