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The Tent Rental Division (TRD) represents companies in the commercial tent marketplace. The division hosts an annual Tent Expo and Conference, a venue for networking and sourcing industry experts from within and outside the industry. The Division promotes safety for the tent installer and the public in tented events, assembles products and services listings, and represents members in code committees. TRD offers sponsored scholarships to strengthen the future of the industry. The Tent Rental Division provides a network to exchange information, solve common problems and develop mutually beneficial relationships.

TRD is a division of the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA), a trade association comprised of member companies representing the global specialty fabrics and advanced textiles marketplace.



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We’ve been on a lean journey for 10 years. Our customers are in an environment where they can’t say no. They’ve got to give their clients a ‘yes’ response, so we have to do the same. Our challenge is to do it faster. We have a strong bias for speed. And we’re not scared of challenges. In fact, I would be scared by the lack of challenges.

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Tent Rental’s purpose is to increase awareness of products and services through education, safety, and marketing of the commercial tent rental industry.
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