Procedural Handbook

ATA’s Procedural Handbook for the Safe Installation and Maintenance of Tentage is a living document of invaluable sources of information on how to do safe and quality tent installations. The document includes information on site survey, layout and staking, poles, tensioning, sidewalls, and safety and maintenance for pole-supported tents, bail ring tents, pipe frame-supported tents, box-beam frame-supported tents and soon to be added tension tents. The information presented in the publication is based on the combined experience of the Education Committee, with validated engineering data from an industry expert. The committee was composed of volunteer tent installers and manufacturers, all of whom sought technical review of the document from a wide spectrum of the tent rental industry over the course of time. The handbook is provided through the insurance clients of ARA Insurance. The ultimate goal of ATA’s Tent Rental Division is to foster safety and education in the tent rental industry.

As a member of ATA’s Tent Rental Division, you can request a complimentary copy of the CD or a printed format of the publication.

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